EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount

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Product features:

  • Max. Vesa 100×100
  • Min. Weight 3.3 lbs
  • Max. Weight 17.6 lbs
  • Swivel Range +/-90°
  • Tilt Range +/-45°
  • Rotation 360°
  • 95% positive reviews on Amazon


  • Compact, no-nonsense and clutter-free design
  • Convenient articulation provision, EleTab VESA monitor mount offers +/- 45-degree tilt, +/- 90-degree swivel and +/- 90-degree rotation. You can place your monitor in either portrait or landscape angle, according to your convenience
  • EleTab Single Monitor Desk Mount comes with gas springs that provide a smooth and seamless adjustment provision and balances the weight of the monitor perfectly
  • Efficient cable management system, which remains one of the most critical highlights while considering to buy a particular monitor desk mount


  • Installation guide is not helpful while installing the desk mount on your own


It is hard to find a fuss-free, no-nonsense monitor desk mount these days. It is even more frustrating to adjust your screen position constantly to find the correct viewing angle, which is perfect for you. This is where a desk mounts to clamp your monitor comes into action. It not only makes your workstation clean and organised but helps you find the correct viewing angle and position, which is essential if you are putting in strenuous hours in the office. EleTab Monitor desk mount is one of the best desk mounts if you are looking for durability as well as easy and convenient use.

You can clamp any VESA compatible monitor from 17 inches right up to 32 inches with this desk mount. This monitor desk mount comes with flexible arms that can be conveniently adjusted to choose the correct viewing angle. It offers a huge tilting angle of +/- 45 degrees and a +/- 90-degree swivel angle. It also provides a +/- 90-degree rotating angle as well, and there would not be any difficulties in choosing the right viewing angle for the user of this monitor desk mount. Gone are the days of frustration to correct your monitor viewing angle which comes with a limited angle range and leaving the office or your workstation with searing neck pains with EleTab Single Monitor desk mount.

EleTab Single Monitor mount desk comes with an efficient gas spring system, which not only allows seamless flexibility and fluidity of the motion of this desk mount but also balances the weight of the monitor perfectly, with its capacity reaching as high as 18 lbs. You can install this clamp using both the C-clamp desk attachment as well as a grommet that comes equipped with it. You can attach your monitor in both landscape and portrait modes with this desk mount. It also comes with removable cable clamps which clears the clutter of computer wires on your desk, providing a clean work environment. This is one of the significant drawing factors of EleTab Single Monitor desk mount.

The build quality of EleTab Single Monitor Desk mount is pretty impressive, and the flexibility it provides along with a variety of features meant to satisfy the user’s convenience makes this product worth a strong recommendation. EleTab also provides a year-long warranty which will solve any issues that come along with your purchase of this product.

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