EVEO Premium Monitor Arm

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Product features:

  • Max. Vesa 100×100
  • Max. Weight 20 lbs
  • Swivel Range +/-180°
  • Tilt Range +/-90°
  • Rotation 360°
  • 92% positive reviews on Amazon


  • Sleek, clean and ergonomic design
  • Compatible with any VESA-compatible screens from 17 inches up to 32 inches
  • Easy and convenient to install and mount your monitor. The monitor mount takes less than 5 minutes to set up
  • Superb flexibility, the removable arm and spring system allows you to adjust the right viewing angle, with provision for 360-degree rotation


  • The mounting instructions provided along with it is not convenient and informative enough for the users who are trying to install the mount by themselves


With the growing shortage of space and a need to efficiently organise workspaces, compact monitor mounts play an essential role for the same purpose. Organisation and cleanliness of workspaces increases work productivity as well. An essential part of all workstations is a desktop, and no matter how much technology has progressed, desktops continue to take up a huge chunk of space in someone’s desk.

Get your workspace clutter-free and your viewing angles perfect with the EVEO Premium Monitor Arm. It is compatible with any VESA compatible screen up to 32 inches (20 lbs.). EVEO mounting arm helps you to cut the already existing mess in your workspace by providing a sleek and a compact design as a monitor mount. If you are installing this mount by yourself, it will hardly take you five minutes to set it up in your desk before you spring into action. You can mount this to your screen using either the desk clamp (which is up to 2.6″ thick) or grommet (5/16 to 2″ wide and 3″ thick).

EVEO Premium Monitor Mount is very flexible when it comes to design and ergonomics. It comes with a convenient removable arm and a spring system which allows you to adjust and position your screen suited to your need ideally. You will able to choose just the right viewing angle for yourself, with the 360-degree rotation provision that comes equipped with this monitor mount. Adding to that, there is an added custom provision where you can extend the arms form 0.4″ up to 2.4″, with a tilt angle range of 70 degrees and 5-degree forward angle range. Gone are the days when you left office with a searing pain in your neck with EVEO Premium Monitor Mount. With its varied viewing angle range for both tilting as well as bringing it forward/backwards. The angle is correctly maintained between the monitor and your eyes, preventing neck strain and searing backaches which is synonymous with long hours working in your office.

EVEO Monitor Mount comes with the stellar build quality and is made from premium-grade materials. It comes with a three-month quality assurance claim with a money-back guarantee if you are left unsatisfied with your product. It also comes with 24×7 customer support aimed to provide an around-the-clock solution to customers facing issue with their product. Overall, this mount arm brought to you by EVEO will be able to satisfy the needs and demands of the customer when it comes to monitoring arm, and you will not be disappointed upon choosing to buy EVEO Premium Mount Arm

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