Lexar Professional 633X

Good and cheap

Product features:

  • Read Speed according to manufacturer 95 MB/s
  • Write Speed according to manufacturer n/a
  • Warranty lifetime
  • 89% positive reviews on Amazon


  • Captures full-HD, 3D and 4K videos
  • High capacity
  • Do not need frequent charging
  • Saves time by increasing workflow
  • Class 10/UHS-I/U3


  • Lexar industry is distancing itself from SD cards so you may not find it everywhere.


Lexar Professional 633x is the update of 600x memory cards. The memory card has UHS Speed Class 1 that is U1. The U1 specification denotes that the memory card can write at a speed of 10 MB/s while recording a 4K video.

Then new memory cards introduced by Lexar under the category of 633x have UHS-I speed that means that they can read data at a speed of 95 MB/s and write data at a speed of 45 MB/s. Previously Lexar cards came at a read speed of 90 MB/s and a write speed of 45 MB/s. Lexar memory cards come in memory capacity of 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB. The memory card also has a 16GB version but it has a slow write speed that is 20 MB/s.

The Lexar 633x memory cards attain maximum speed in USB 3.0 card readers. In these card readers, the memory card attains a sequential read speed of 96 MB/s and a sequential write speed of 49 MB/s.

Since the memory card has a speed class rating of U1 and is compatible with UHS-I Bus, therefore, the memory card has a minimum write speed of 10 MB/s.

The Lexar memory card is temperature resistant. It can work in temperature ranging from 13 to 185F. The memory card also has a built-in write-protect system due to which your content remains safe always. They are also waterproof, shockproof and X-ray proof.

The Lexar memory cards are popular as they have an extremely high speed, they come under Class 10 performance and work with UHS-I or U1 technology with reading and writing speeds of  95 MB/s and 45 MB/s. These memory cards guarantee a minimum write speed of 10 MB/s.

The memory card has the capability to capture high-quality images. They can capture images in Full HD mode in 1080 pixels and can record a 3D video using a DSLR camera or a 3D camera. These cards do not need to be charged frequently which means you can shoot for long periods without much trouble. With Lexar memory cards, you can transfer the data at a very high speed due to which your workflow increases. They come with a limited lifetime warranty and are backed by solid technical support.

The Lexar memory card gives a powerful performance and lets you make most of your outdoor and adventurous trips.

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