Mounting Dream MD2380

Performance winner in our Test

Product features:

  • Max. Vesa 400×400
  • Max. Weight 99 lbs.
  • Swivel Range +/-45°
  • Tilt Range +5°/-15°
  • Wall distance 3″ – 15.2″
  • 96% positive reviews on Amazon


  • Mounting Dream MD2380 is a very strong TV wall mount and it can hold 55inches flat screen TV effortlessly. The best thing about this wall mount is you don’t need to worry about its strength.
  • The swiveling and tilting features are excellent and adjusting does not make any kind of noise.
  • This TV wall mount can hold all VESA standard SD (Screw Distances). Whereas some wall mounts do not cover the standard 75 x75m, which makes the Mounting Dream more durable
  • The TV wall mount uses 2 wooden studs and many houses have two studs.


  • The extending and retracting capacity is limited. Approved 15-inches from the wall is standard, but you can also find wall mounts that can hold heavier TV sets and also they can extend up to 16inches or 20inches.
  • The Instruction manual is too lengthy.


The Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount is considered the best TV wall mount for most popular TV sets available in the market. But, the mounting and the installation may not be as easy as other wall mounts. The flexibility and durability are great, and is, in fact, higher than several other similar products available in the market.

Mounting Dream MD2380 TV wall mount and bracket is the perfect option for 32inches to 55inches flat screen TV sets. It is a full motion TV wall mount with swivel mounting dual arms and considered as a strong and durable wall mount. The recommended capacity of the wall mount that it up to 99 pounds, however, you cannot find a 55inch TV that weighs 99 pounds.

This TV wall mount can hold max 400 x400mm VESA with 16inch mounting holes spacing. TV bracket angle TV up 5-degrees and down 15-degrees to lessen glare, and allows you to swivel TV right or left acceding to the seating position. The mount fits perfectly to your TV in features like VESA 16inch studs balancing and probably blocked input.

Mounting Dream MD2380 is one of the best TV wall mounts available in the market. This TV wall mount contains a large weight capacity and it can easily swivel and tilt. Due to its large capacity, this wall mount is categorized for the middle market that ranges from 32-inches to 55-inches.

The VESA standard is used for the screw holes, and it can hold most TV set brands that are available in the market. This TV wall mount can hold the size of the screw hole that measures 3 x3 inches to 16 x 16 inches. This is the standard sizes of all the VESA measurements.

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