Myriann Outlet wall bracket for Dot 3rd

How many times have you hurled your dot behind your desk or run to save it from spilled coffee? You should really get your digital assistant out of the way.
And imagine how guests react when they find that the air freshener on your wall is actually a digital assistant that provides access to the infinite knowledge and power of the Internet.

Nice and Easy – Just How It Should Be

Fits your Echo 3rd generation perfectly: Suitable for the size of the Echo DOT3, it can hold your Echo 3 without covering its microphones and lights. (Design only for Echo 3)

Make life easy for yourself: You can install this speaker holder without tools. Once you’ve installed it, you can take your Echo to any room without detaching it. In addition, they can be installed at an appropriate height and are thus protected against destructive dirt and bumps.

Special feature: This loudspeaker mount has designed an additional sound chamber for your echo, which differs from that of other brand holders. It can improve the tone of your 3rd generation echo by about 10-15%.

Cable Management Dot Wall Mount: To protect your Echo from messy wires or screws, the latest hanger comes with a cable storage function. We have added a slot for your cable that perfectly hides the charging cable on the back.

Friendly to your decoration: the wall bracket is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and all other confined spaces. It can be used with your existing cable in vertical or horizontal outlets.

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