NB North Bayou F160

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Product features:

  • Max. Vesa 100×100
  • Min. Weight 4.4 lbs (each arm)
  • Max. Weight 14.3 lbs (each arm)
  • Swivel Range +/-180°
  • Tilt Range +35°/-50°
  • Rotation 360°
  • 84% positive reviews on Amazon


  • There is a great variety for the torque encircling diverse monitor weights
  • The stronger arms are built with robust material
  • The cost is inexpensive
  • It has a relatively easy setup


  • The arm gets easily forced into the wall while positioning the monitors


The dual monitor stand promises to deliver you an advanced level of productivity. F160 can hold up to 2 monitors, each of 14.3 lbs. in weight. A minimum weight of 4.4 lbs. must be maintained for good support of the system. The monitor mounts are made up of an airplane grade aluminum alloy substance. The arms can easily be adjusted, and the monitors can tilt 35 degrees in a forward direction and 50 degrees in a backward direction. They can undergo a complete 360 degree rotation and swivel up to 180 degrees. The screens must be of 17 inches to 27 inches in size with 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA compatible mounting holes. The two monitors can also be adjusted individually. The arms can reach up to a maximum of height of 15.8 inches and a maximum extension of 18.5 inches.

Due to this feature, the monitors can be moved to comfortable positions of the user. It reduces any neck, spine or head strains. This product comes with a choice of installation with either a grommet mount or C-clamp. The diameter of the holes in the desk must be about 10mm-50mm. The thickness of the desk must be maintained between 0.8-3.7 inches. AV cables and power cables are seized within the integrated cable management system. This frees up desktop space and reserves extra space. It has a built-in gas spring system. For lighter monitors, turn the screw in a clockwise motion to reduce stress and for heavier monitors, turn the screw in a counterclockwise direction to increase stress. This dual monitor mount is highly compatible and must not exceed the preferred monitor weight.

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