NB North Bayou F80B

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Product features:

  • Max. Vesa 100×100
  • Min. Weight 4.4 lbs.
  • Max. Weight 14.3 lbs.
  • Swivel Range +/-180°
  • Tilt Range +35°/-50°
  • Rotation 360°
  • 87% positive reviews on Amazon


  • There are long lasting and durable mechanical springs for erect movement
  • It offers a longer retraction and extraction arm
  • It has adjustable tension for different computer weights
  • It comes with an easy installation process


  • The gas piston can be damaged if the arms support a maximum weight for a long time
  • They can withstand only up to a minimum weight of 4.4 lbs


This full motion monitor arm fits the majority of 17-inch by 27-inch panel screens. The minimum weight the monitor can withstand is 4.4 lbs. and 14.3 lbs. are the maximum. The VESA compliant is with a minimum of 75x75mm and a maximum of 100x100mm. The arm can be extended to a height of 15.6 inches and the arm extension is about 18.5 inches. This sturdy gas spring arrangement ensures a one-touch positioning of the screen for any desirable setting. One can personalize their workstation in any manner they wish. The desk mount can be adjusted after fixing and hanging the monitor or screen. A C-clamp or a grommet installation is provided for stability. The arms are kept stable due to the heavy-duty construction and splendid quality of the materials.

This sturdy desk mount offers a wide variety of movements. The screen can be tilted and rotated in any desired direction from 35° upward to 50° downward. A complete landscape rotation of 360 degrees is provided. It also offers a comfortable viewing position for gaming or completing work that allows you to adjust the monitor height. For heavier monitors, the tension can be adjusted by turning it counterclockwise for increasing tension and in a clockwise direction for light monitor screens to decrease tension. To clear the clutter, an integrated cable management is provided. It also comes with a complete hardware kit needed for easy installation.

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