Stand Steady three monitor desk mount stand

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Product features:

  • Max. Vesa 100×100
  • Max. Weight 17.6 lbs (each arm)
  • Swivel Range +/-90°
  • Tilt Range +/-45°
  • Rotation 360°
  • 82% positive reviews on Amazon


  • You can fit in monitors of all ranges from 13 inch to 32 inches. The monitors, however, should be VESA compliant. It can fit in any type of desk- be it standard office desk, workstations and standing desk converters
  • The arms are flexible and fully adjustable, with a spin angle of 360 degrees, a rotation angle of plus or minus 90 degrees and a tilt angle of 45 degrees, along with height adjustment feature
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Convenient placement of monitors for multitasking purposes. Cons


  • The instruction guide is not informative and lacks details


As we are all aware now of the far-reaching consequences of inappropriate viewing habits of looking at your monitor, it is essential to find a convenient desk clamp which makes viewing of the monitor screen easy and convenient for the user. Straining your body to find a convenient way to use your screen has some adverse effects. Along with it, in this day and age, managing multiple screens all at once in the limited space you get might decrease working efficiency as well. So it is important to find the perfect multiple screens holding desk mounts which can support more than one screen at once and save you a lot of time as well as provide you with an opportunity to multitask. This is where Stand Steady 3-screen desk mounts springs into action to save the day.

The self-balanced sturdy arms are sturdy and flexible as well. You can attach VESA compliant monitors starting from 13 inches right up to 32 inches in size, with a maximum weight threshold of 17.6 lbs. The fully adjustable arms help you to swivel your monitors freely, and its articulation helps you to spin your display 360 degrees, rotate plus or minus ninety degrees as well as tilt up or down 45 degrees. It also comes with convenient height adjustment from 3 to 35 inch.

It comes with both C-clamp and grommet attachment features which helps you to install the desk mount seamlessly to all types of desks- be it a standard desk, workstations or standard desk converters. Slide on the VESA plates (75×75 mm or 100×100 mm square bolts) to your monitor and start working with three screens at your disposal along with seamless convenience. It also comes with proper cable management which helps to clear up the clutter of wires on your desk and gives you space to move around in your workstation.

It also comes with a user warranty if there are any issues with the product upon buying. With proper fitment features, wide compatibility and sturdy build quality, the Stand Steady three monitor desk mount not only clears your workspace but makes multitasking easier. This product deserves a solid recommendation.

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