EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount

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Product features:

  • Max. Vesa 100×100
  • Max. Weight 20 lbs (each arm)
  • Swivel Range +/-135°
  • Tilt Range +/-90°
  • Rotation 360°
  • 87% positive reviews on Amazon


  • You can fit in up to three VESA compliant screens within the range of 13 inches right up to 30 inches
  • With TechOrbits SmartSWIVEL engineering, their Triple Monitor desk mount comes with articulating gas spring equipped arms that allows effortless and fluidic motion while adjusting the viewing angle
  • There are numerous modes to adjust the screen to meet your needs and requirements perfectly
  • Sturdy design as well as a three-year user warranty



It is very frustrating to adjust multiple screens at the same time in your limited space provided in your workstation, let alone managing some free space to do hands-on work apart from struggling with your desktop and wires which rules over your desk with its overwhelming presence all over. So it is all the more necessary to find the right desktop mount which can not only support multiple screens but also manages to provide the perfect viewing angle as well as clear up the clutter in your workstation. With TechOrbits triple monitor desk mount that comes with SmartSWIVEL engineering, they have ensured that this product has got your needs all covered.

TechOrbits triple monitor desk mount can support up to three VESA compliant screens which fall within the range of 13 inches right up to 30 inches, with a maximum weight capacity of 20 pounds. It supports 75×75 and 100×100 mm VESA bracket plate holes to clamp with this mount. It comes with a unique feature called the SmartSWIVEL engineering, which allows fluidic and seamless moments of the screen as well as support the weights of the monitors attached to it perfectly thanks to the gas spring points that come with the clamp.

You can easily attach your monitor in any orientation you want (be it landscape, portrait or inverted) thanks to the floating screen display feature that comes along with TechOrbits triple screen desk mount. With its wide tilt and swivel angles, you can also adjust the viewing angle of the screen to improve visibility, eye comfort as well as decrease light glares that disrupt your desktop work. The self-balancing arms of this triple-screen desk mount help you to twist and turn your screen according to your convenience and makes managing work more efficient. The free-moving arms help you to multitask and boost your work performance.

The floating arm mounts come equipped with premium industry-grade gas springs and the overall build quality of TechOrbits triple screen desk mount is pretty impressive, keeping its promise of providing its customers with the best of both worlds: flexibility and durability. It also comes with 24×7 customer support as well as a 3-year warranty if you happen to land upon any issue that came along with the purchase of this product. Overall, if you are looking for convenient ways to manage your multiple screens within a limited space, TechOrbits Triple Screen desk mount has got you covered.

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