VESA mount Adapter for Dell monitors

Product features:

  • Fits well with the specific model of dell monitors
  • The sturdy look is efficient
  • The VESA mount adapter is patented
  • Easy to install
  • Not suitable for ultra-thin Dell monitors


This VESA mount adapter is all suited for the specific type of the dell models (except ultra-thin). It fits well and conveniently with the monitors. Anyone who desires to buy this adapter should first undergo the compatible model lists to check this adapter compatibility with it. It does not suit other brands or models. The compatible dell models for this adapter: Dell SE2416HX, SE271H/HX, S2216M/HV, SE2717H/HX, and SE2417HG.the item is less bulky with its weight of 1.1 pounds. The dimensions are well suited for the mounting of monitors in it.

The adapter is well framed with standard VESA hole patterns of 100 x 100 mm, 75 x 75mm which allows the cables to pass through it. The installation of the VESA mount adapter is straightforward with the use of screwdrivers. The adapter can be surmounted on the wall or fitted on the desktop as the user wants. The screws are also available with the product that is used during the time of installation of the adapter. The VESA mount adapter mount is tested exclusively and rigorously which assuredly fits the dell monitor model with precision and accuracy.

The sturdy look of the mount is one such perk that cannot be ignored during the purchase of it. The height of 8.5 inches is enough to provide a stance to the monitors for a better look. The width is also ideal on the grounds of looks. As the dell monitors do not have any holes in it for the passing of cables, still it can be mountable on the VESA mount adapters. The adapters are all set with standard hole patterns of 100 x 100 mm, and 75 x 75 mm.the mount is ideal for the home and office works.  The bracket mount can function with multiple mounts also with its high compatibility.

The installation is done by removing the base of the monitor, and then placing it with a VESA mount adapter that with its articulating arms holds it firmly. The mount is already patented, so the customers buying it are double assured for its proper functioning and working. The VESA mount adapter doesn’t let you done; instead it always functions appropriately with no complaints. Moreover, the product comes up with a full guarantee of its parts also. This guarantee enables the user to report back those mounts which have turned defective or not working correctly.

If any of the models of dell monitors are not listed in the list, the buyer can go through the website of the company for the whole list, where he can confer the relevant model details and compatibility of the same. The VESA mount adapter bracket has some 63 positive reviews at Amazon which earns it an extra point for being purchased.

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