VESA mount Adapter for Acer monitors

Product features:

  • The adapter is easy to install
  • The bracket has 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • The bracket fits the ACER monitor very well
  • The adapter smoothly operates with double and triple mounts also
  • The arms of the adapter are sturdy and hold the monitor conveniently
  • The adapter is not compatible with Acer R240HY Abmidx
  • 90% positive reviews on Amazon


The human-centric company manufactures products that are worth to purchase.  The company deals with the VESA mount adapters which are featured with an articulating arm and stands. The adapter is fully adapted for the Acer monitors of the versions mentioned as Acer R240HY bids, SB220Q, RT240Y, R221Q, R23 1bmid, SB270, SB230, and R271. The width of the adapter is 2.9 inches which are enough to mount the monitor. The item or adapter weighs 12.3 ounces and also has a height of 6.08 inches which is enough or the monitor and does not need additional wall mount or stand for this.

 The arms are well designed to hold the monitors at a place. The monitor base can be entirely removed, and the adapter can be used at the place where the monitor will be fitted in the arms of the adapter.  The adapter is the standard one that can do its work very efficiently.  The company humancentric imposes a 100% guarantee on the item as every part of the item is rigorously checked. In case any part becomes defective or any can kind of inconvenience frames, the product can be reported back to the company, to which the company will have all its ears without any question. Anyone before buying this should be fully aware of the model version of the monitor as this brackets work individually.  The standard hole patterns have dimensions of 100 x 100 mm and 75 x 75 mm for the cables adjustment behind the monitor.

The VESA mount adapter is straightforward to install. It just takes 2 mins to get installed for the monitors.  The adapters can easily be installed without making any holes in the monitor’s back. It can be easily installed on the wall or fix it on the table with Acer monitors.  Anybody buying this VESA mount adapter should check the product compatibility with the concerned monitors as the adapters are not suited for other models. With the use of small screwdrivers, these convenient adapters are very quickly getting mountable to the monitors. The adapters are well suited for the home and office monitors. The height of 6 inches of this adapter gives a different and distinct look to the monitors to which it is installed or adapted.  The handy cable slots can be useful in the management of the cables behind the monitors for smooth running. The mounting arms can also be used for the wires positioning behind the adapter. Moreover, the articulating surface area of the adapters is set to mount the whole of the monitor in place.  The whole-mount is well designed to suit the need of the user.

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